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v12 - 1 channel - 1x all around.

Game Notice


v0.13 - The Toybox Update

Hey guys, Perrito here!

Thank you all for awaiting this update so patiently. It's arriving a week later than we had originally planned... but on the bright side, it'll be jam-packed with new features!

We had trouble deciding on a name for this update because instead of focusing on one big thing we worked on a handful of small but equally important features from our backlog. For this update, we completely reworked the GM Event system. This might not seem like much to the average player, but it means hosting GM events will be easier than ever. With this change we'll finally be able to introduce our brand new never-before-seen Toy Castle Climb event! I've been really excited to host this event since I finished the map in v0.11.

The Internet Cafe is getting some major changes too. You'll find new maps, new ways to earn points and you'll even be able to enter twice a day! To those of you who have been sending requests for an Internet Cafe on other continents, we have some good news: it was always our plan to add one in Ludi's Minigame Park!

New ways to curate your experience, AP resets, quests and more will be coming this update, so be sure to check it all out this Saturday, May 29th when the update goes live!

Before I go, I want to thank everyone who sent us feedback this month. When we released scroll enchanters we really weren't sure if they would be well received, but scroll availability was our top priority and we were determined to fix it even if it meant creating something totally new. A lot of uncertainty, group discussions and careful planning went into putting this system together but, in the end, it was the positive and constructive feedback we received from you guys that helped us reach our goal. Your input really does mean the world to us. We are still making small adjustments here and there and hope to have the final revisions ready for this update. Until next time. =)