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v12 - 1 channel - 1x all around.


Name Job Level
Dopa Dragon Knight 145
Triste Hermit 143
96Min Dragon Knight 134
Giffca Chief Bandit 131
Perseverance Hermit 130
DyoDyo Ranger 130
Name Job Level
Dopa Dragon Knight 145
96Min Dragon Knight 134
oh18 Dragon Knight 129
Spwge Dragon Knight 128
FullMoon Dragon Knight 127
osori Dragon Knight 127
Name Job Level
Doom I/L Mage 128
Malboro F/P Mage 128
Fuego F/P Mage 124
YOUTUBE F/P Mage 121
player I/L Mage 120
Namiko Priest 120
Name Job Level
DyoDyo Ranger 130
moonjane Sniper 122
Popnmusic Ranger 120
Tomoyoshi Sniper 114
Sniperr Sniper 114
mola Ranger 113
Name Job Level
Triste Hermit 143
Giffca Chief Bandit 131
Perseverance Hermit 130
haruru Hermit 127
Bite Hermit 125
Guava Hermit 125
Name Job Level
mandu Beginner 45
haIfway Beginner 42
IRegretThis Beginner 42
SadPanda Beginner 39
fault Beginner 35
iiiii Beginner 34
Name Job Cards Collected
Kasmoo Lv. 108 I/L Mage 804
Newt Lv. 103 Priest 505
osorisoup Lv. 112 Priest 482
Stirge Lv. 110 Chief Bandit 460
Lapis Lv. 100 Crusader 453
Fridge Lv. 79 I/L Mage 421

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Frequently asked questions

While we don't yet provide a direct way to get in contact with us, we have observed confusion about several subjects relating to the server. Therefore, we have decided to compile a FAQ to help dispel any confusion!
Is this server in alpha/beta?
Nope, the server has been well tested in the past so we didn't see it necessary to have a beta phase. MG2 is "officially released" and there will be no character wipe. Your progress will be kept.
What is RSVP?
RSVP (Répondez s'il vous plaît, meaning "Please respond") is the initial name we had chosen for the server before we were really sure what we wanted to do. We changed it due to people getting confused about the name.
Can I donate to the server?
We have absolutely no plans to accept any kind of donations. We run this server entirely out of passion for the game! The best way to support us, is to bring your friends along and have fun! 😄
How can I report other players for any kind of negative reason?
Simply right click the player, and click Alert GM. This will directly notify us! Be warned that falsely reporting a player for malicious reasons may result in punishment.
Is Account Sharing or Multiclienting allowed?
Both of these things potentially provide players with an unfair advantage over others. Account sharing is not allowed whatsoever, multiclienting (even on separate PCs) is not allowed unless it's strictly for logistical reasons (like moving items across accounts). If we find two accounts in use by a single player at one time, they will receive a temporary ban on both accounts. If you suspect someone may be using multiple clients, please report it for investigation.
Where do I find patch notes or more information about updates?
Please find the administrator in most major towns. She will give you more information!
Is there an alternative droprate for certain item types?
Nope, every item type is the same 1x drop rate as it was in the original game. We heard rumours of increased drop rate, and we would like to confirm this is false. RNG can be deceiving!
Other than the previously stated rules, are there any other rules we should know about?
Yes! Don't Misbehave! Every situation is unique, and will be handled by our own discretion. Stay out of trouble, and you'll be fine!
Someone reported me! Will I get banned?
Player reports serve as a suggestion for us to investigate an individual. Reported players will only be punished if we find anything the player has done we believe deserves punishment. If you have been reported, and you did nothing wrong, then you will be fine! We never ban based on reports alone.

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