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v0.8 - The Third Flight

Hello everyone, Perrito here with another exciting GM blog! As I write this, we have just passed our three month anniversary... can you believe it? These last few months really flew by!

In v0.07 we released the Internet Cafe. For many of you, this area might seem new and mysterious. Real world internet cafes were far less common in North America so this content was never officially available in the west. In many other regions, however, Internet Cafe was added to the game very early on, before Ossyria was even available! We felt that this piece of history just couldn't get overlooked as it fits quite nicely into this version of the game. Apart from a few changes that would allow anyone to play at the Internet Cafe, we aimed to create an authentic experience so players can get a feel for what it was actually like!

Originally, the v0.07 update was going to be small so we could focus on some of the bigger updates on the horizon, but we ended up squeezing in lots of changes... so many that we forgot to include some of them in the patch notes! Did you notice the EXP bar will now display the average EXP earned per hour when you hover over it? It can also be reset by double clicking it. Hovering over your name will no longer display your email and the account information is no longer displayed in the Cash Shop. All of these small quality of life changes are very important to us and providing more ways for the player to improve their experience is something we strive for!

The MG2 team is deeply thankful for all the feedback, love and support that we've gotten from our community. Working on a game that people love playing has been a huge motivation for us. Today we have some exciting news to share, so I'll get to the point... In v0.08, the 3rd job advancement will finally be available for players Level 70 and up!! What do you think? Are you ready to hone your skills and complete the tests to become the master of your class? We've spent the last few weeks making sure everything is perfect for this update... and we have a lot more in store in the updates that come after! Before I go, be sure to take a look at the newsletter we're sending out later today to see a preview of the 3rd job advancement. Thanks for playing MG2! <3