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Game Notice


v0.10 - Spring Update

Hey all! Chika here.

Many of you have surely noticed the toy mice appearing around the world. We have seen lots of speculation about what the meaning of them is. Some think it's a bug, some think it's a prank, some even think they are hallucinating. Someone even refused to acknowledge their existence.

In reality, we have been manually spawning them near players as a way to tease this update!

Long time players may remember us teasing the release of Ossyria the same way. So to those who figured it out, well done! It has been a blast seeing everyone's reactions to the rats appearing out of nowhere.

In MG2 v0.10, we are releasing yet another new continent, a fun land full of toys. One of the most common questions we receive via the feedback form is when this area would come out. Needless to say lots of people have been excited for this one, and we are too!

We've spent lots of time getting the small details just right for release, making sure all maps have received some touching up so they look great in standard resolution AND HD resolution!

So what all will be coming out this update? In addition to the tower and the toy factory, players will also be able to partake in a brand new party quest! New shops, hairstyles and minigames will all be available as well.

There's lots of fun in store in this new area, but we'll be taking the release of new content a little slower for now to mirror the way the area was implemented originally a bit more authentically. This area is an important chapter in the history of this game and we know releasing it is a big step away from the truly classic experience that veteran players remember. But to us and to many others, this game just isn't the same without it. So we hope you're all as excited as us!

Join us on the first trip to the new continent Saturday, March 6th. More details will come at a later date, so for now, thanks for playing! :)