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v0.4 - Monster Book and future updates

Hello all! Chika here. Today's GM blog will be a bit more general than last time. We hope you have been enjoying the polished HD resolution in our client. Today we'll be talking about some more coming updates!

Since the launch of MG2, we have been collecting all kinds of data about the gameplay experience. The important data that inspired these updates are what people do while playing and player retention rate. We have noticed two issues. The vast majority of people spend their time doing nothing but grinding, while players tend to stop playing at around the level 35 mark due to lack of training content. While we have big plans for training content this december, we feel like addressing the lack of stuff to do besides grinding is just as important!

The first of these updates, v0.4, will of course be the thanksgiving event. Get ready to fight some turkeys! We wanted to do something more with this patch though. Turkeys are cool and all, but what would be something fun to do that doesn't necessarily fall within the expected content of MG? Monster Book! We really like this feature from later versions of the game, it doesn't have too much impact on the general gameplay, and most importantly of all we have managed to bring it back to our client.

While hunting monsters, you will have a somewhat rare chance to obtain their respective monster book card. Collect enough of their cards, and you will not only be able to see the stats of the mobs, but also the items they drop! This way we will be able to give our players some insight in monster data without having to go to a library website, aside from giving players something fun to collect. Keep in mind that the rewards for collecting monster book cards is purely bragging rights, and won't give you an advantage for your character.

Next, we will likely release minigames and finally the cash shop! We know many of you have been excited for the cash shop, and it has been really challenging figuring out the best way to distribute cash shop currency in a way we feel comfortable with. But we feel ready to introduce this in the coming weeks!

Finally, we will be finishing off with a large content update somewhere this december. We heard a vaccine has finally been developed for corona virus! Maybe you can guess what this means for MG2?

Moving on from updates, we would like to answer some questions we have received, and clarify some misinformation we have seen spreading around.

It has come to our attention that many people have suddenly been assuming we have increased drop chances for various types of items. Particularly throwing stars. We're not quite sure where these rumours have stemmed from, but we would like to confirm that this is absolutey not the case. The goal of MG2 is to provide a nostalgic experience, including both the good and bad. Increasing the drop rates is not something we have any plans for! We have also done some extensive verification of our drop tables, and our RNG code. We can with confidence confirm that everything is functioning as it should be. What likely happened is several people got lucky at the same time. That's how luck is sometimes!

That concludes today's GM blog! We hope you all have a good time playing!

  • GM Chika