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v0.12 - The Alien Update

Hello everyone, Perrito here. In this GM blog I'd like to talk a little bit about the state of MG2. For some time now, we have been observing a decline in players not just in MG2 but across the board. Our initial word-of-mouth approach to advertising was done for some logistical reasons, but because of recent events, our options for sharing the game through things like streaming or social media posts have been severely limited. It has affected ours and other projects differently; this game was built around social interactions and high player population, so projects that emulate older versions were hit especially hard. This can be pretty demotivating not just for us but for you guys too.

So what's next for MG2? Above all else, MG2 is a passion project, so we will continue to keep on keeping on! As of April, the project is half a year old. We are so thankful for those of you who have stuck with us from the beginning; we are thankful for all the feedback and suggestions, it really does mean a lot to us!

This upcoming patch will mark the start of our departure from normalcy, that's why we felt "The Alien Update" was a befitting name. That and because we'll be releasing a new sci-fi movie-inspired area full of aliens! But what does a departure from normalcy mean? As you all know, this project set out to recreate the progressive experience of the original game as faithfully as possible. Along the way, we cherry-picked some features from other versions and made small adjustments to existing content to make gameplay a bit more engaging, but everything we've done has originated from the official game. This has had mixed responses and many have been wondering whether this is sustainable. The team has come to the conclusion that going forward we will branch away from faithful to improve the quality of the game overall. Without going into too much detail, in v0.12, we will introduce some content that is entirely unique to MG2! We will be tackling some of the issues brought about by the low population head on- starting with the availability of scrolls.

We'll also be making marketing more accessible to everyone by releasing player shops and a global hub for trading. This update we will be hosting GM events more often, and to celebrate the 6 month anniversary of MG2 we will be holding a 2x drop event this weekend. As always, stay tuned for more details!! There's a lot to look forward to in this update, and we hope to see you all there when it lands this Saturday, April 24th!!!