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v0.6 - Winter Update

Hello everyone, this is GM Perrito!

This update our goal was to provide some new content for you all to explore. That's right, the highly anticipated Ossyria will finally be available in v0.06! The holiday season is very different this year so hopefully our Christmas event and the release of the new area will bring a warm sense of familiarity and excitement.

Getting this update out to you guys on time hasn't been as easy as you'd think, though. A lot of adjustments had to be be made to assure all the new maps look good in the HD resolution, and on top of that, we are writing ALL the new NPCs from the ground up. As I write this we are still in the thick of it, but hopefully we'll be close to finished by the time you read it...!

We greatly appreciate the comments and feedback we have been getting from the community, and we encourage you all to send any suggestions you might have. With that said we do have some questions we would like to ask you guys! We have the option to add brand new content, made especially for MG2. How do you feel about custom content? This would be limited to cosmetic changes like additional hair colors or minigame items, no gameplay elements or balance would be affected. Would you prefer to keep all NPC dialogue as close to the original as possible or should we aim to fix some of the grammatical mistakes leftover from poor translations? Are there any other features from later versions of the game we should consider adding? These are just some of the ideas we have discussed internally. You can send your responses in the feedback section on the main page of the website. We always make sure to read all of these!

That's all I have for now. We hope you're all as excited for the v0.06 update as we are!