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v0.20 - Valentine's Day Update

Hey guys, it's Perrito! Did you miss me? The last few months have been busy for us so we haven't been as vocal with our community as we'd like. We shut down our Discord's discussion channels back in November; we had intended to keep up the announcement channels in order to inform players of events and updates but, as many of you may know, in December, many servers like ours were deleted and their owners suspended. It was a shame to have lost all the time and care we put into the server (and to lose my whole Discord account) but it's the risk I chose to take. Unfortunately, we don't plan on creating another Discord for our server but there are unofficial Discords out there. We recommend asking your fellow players!

In this blog post I wanted to talk about the future of MG2. We released the last major boss we had planned to include in MG2. As of v0.20, almost all areas in the game are feature complete and we plan to include the last of their respective changes from the official game in the coming updates. With that said there is still plenty of room for events, balance changes, new quests and new ways to dress up your character too! We have many updates in store, even if they don't add new areas to explore. Some people may assume that because we don't take donations, we don't have an incentive to keep hosting our server, but it's actually just the opposite. At this time, we have no incentive to take it down, and we plan to keep it up and continue updating for as long as we are able to.

Before I forget, we have some announcements that are long overdue! In the last couple updates we held seasonal events where players could enter for a chance to win a grand prize. Here are our winners:

First, Malady's Trick or Treat! Out of all the participants, the player who earned the most candy (by a huge margin) was...


Next we have the Christmas tree decoration event. We had some awesome entries but ultimately we went with the entries submitted by...

Bburinkle, Crest and tuff!!

Congratulations you guys and thank you for participating. Be sure to talk to the Maple Administrator in town to claim your coupon code!!

To wrap this blog post up I wanted to formally welcome all our new players. It's been great seeing so many new faces around and the game feels more lively than ever! We are aware many of you are from different regions and we're happy that we are able to provide ways to make the game more accessible for all of you. We recognize there is still a lot more we can do to improve the experience and in future updates we will be expanding on this! First we would like to implement ways for players to easily communicate with each other regardless of their native language and we need your help to make it a reality! We are looking for phrases you use frequently to communicate with your fellow players in-game. Anything you can think of will help us flesh out our idea. If you would like to send your ideas or suggestions, please enter them in the feedback form on the main page. Also keep an eye out for GM events. We'll be hosting some this weekend! That's all I've got for now, see you around~