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v0.15 - Summer Update Part 2

Hey all, Chika here. It has been a while since I've written the blog. The truth is, I have been going through a lot of personal troubles, and Perrito agreed to sub in for me. However, things are going a bit better now! Let's talk about MG2 v0.15!

In this update, we will be adding a refreshing new area! During summer time, people like to hang out by the sea, having a good time on the beach. However, here at MG2, we prefer being under the sea! Come check out the aquatic world of aqua road and have a refreshing old time.

That's not all, there are map changes, updates to the Guild system, new quests, and even new ways to customize your character! Head over to the cash shop, and buy our new cosmetic lens coupons; we want to see all your beautiful eyes shine this update.

Now, onto the topic at hand... It has come to our attention that there is an incrasing problem with kill stealing. Since the beginning, our official stance was to allow KSing. Competition is a fundamental part of the game, and in the original version, there were no rules against it. The exception to this, however, is targetted KSing. By targetted, we mean done with malicious intent, such as going out of your way to steal someone's kills, follow them, or prevent them from playing the game all together. Of course, this is a grey area, and we don't have the time or energy to heavily enforce it. We all work full time while developing the game.

We never felt the need to specify this because, in our opinion, it obviously falls under our "don't harass other players" rule. Nobody likes being KSed, but we chose not to inhibit KSing with features such as @mapowner, or blocking damage on mobs that have already been attacked by someone else, as we feel that it would go against the spirit of the game.

Nevertheless, we have decided to implement some features that we think will help combat KSing. A lot of people have been asking us to add a second channel in hopes that it will remedy the issue. However, from past experience, and after studying the situation up close, we have determined that this won't really help. We think the issue stems from another fundamental problem.

One of the biggest problems we have observed is the problem with EXP sharing in parties. As it currently stands, it's simply a lot more efficient to train by yourself. So to start out our journey towards a friendlier MG2, we have decided to rework the EXP system in parties. From now on you will lose a lot less EXP when killing monsters, and your party members will still gain a significant portion as well. Overall, it will now be faster to level when training together in a party!

Going forward, we will monitor the situation closely, and we'll continue to apply tweaks to the overall game experience to keep things as pleasant as possible.

Have a nice day, all!