The snails have been melted

v12 - 1 channel - 1x all around.

Game Notice


v0.18 - Haunted Update

Heya guys, Perrito here once again. Did you all enjoy the Anniversary event? Hopefully you were able to find some event loot before it ended! I don't have too much I want to talk about this time, so I'll try to keep it brief.

This month we have been thinking about future updates. As the world inside the game continues to grow, keeping track of the changes to older content has become a little unruly. Tons of small adjustments were made over time in order to keep all that old stuff relevant! Despite the approach MG2 has taken to deviate from the official game, we still want to reprise outdated content when we're able to. In this update we will include some of those adjustments, rate changes, some bugfixes from our backlog and, as many of you already know, the highly-anticipated deep sea dungeon! We took a little extra time to get everything ready for this update and we're looking forward to finally releasing it!

I want to remind everyone about the importance of bug reports! It sounds straightforward, but unintended gameplay mechanics can cause major imbalances. It's understandable that if a bug benefits you, you'd want to make use of it, but these advantages can negatively affect your fellow players. Bringing bugs to our attention not only helps us keep the game's mechanics true to the official version, but it helps in our balancing too. Regardless of how you feel about the server or its developers, we hope you guys will help us upkeep the game for you and the other players!

Thanks to everyone who participated in events over the course of our anniversary. We have one last little surprise for you all: players who turned in 5 or more presents will be entered into the drawing for the rarest bandana! It's true that this bandana was so rare, no one ended up finding one. Three lucky players will be chosen, so keep an eye out for event winner announcements! That's about all I have for now; we'll be updating the game to v0.18 in the following days. Until next time~