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v0.9 - Guild Update

Hey all! Chika here.

Perrito wanted to have a go at the blog for the last patch (he put a lot of work into it!). However, I'm back at it this time!

In our previous newsletter, we decided to tease some upcoming features we have been working on. One of which being guilds!

Like always, guilds ended up being a lot more work than we were expecting. For the technical people reading this, there were a lot of little parts that had to work together perfectly to make guilds work with the ancient game client we're using. All that being said, we are pleased to announce that guilds will be coming out this patch!

We have also included quite a lot of new quests to complete! Last update, we decided to sneak in a few quests as kind of a wind-up for the new set of quests we are including this update! Be sure to talk to every NPC. You never know who will need help again!

In the previous update, we had to temporarily disable the purple critical hit numbers due to unforeseen issues. Unfortunately, they won't be coming back quite yet. We're not satisfied with how often they have been causing problems, therefore we have decided to start reprogramming them. They will be back as soon as we are confident they won't cause anymore issues. Don't worry though, your critical hits will still count and do the extra damage they're supposed to do, they just won't show up as purple numbers.

Before we go, we would like to remind everyone that the feedback form on the main page of the website is by far the most effective way to reach out to us! Many people have been messaging one of our staff members on Discord recently. Because they are only a part of the staff, this often isn't ideal to get your problem solved the best way. Feedback forms via the website will alert all of us on the staff team, and there's more of us than you think! We always read each and every message sent to us this way.