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v0.5 - Cash Shop and other features

Hey all! Chika here.

Today's blog will be about MG2 v5!

Last update we added the monster book feature. We were initially a bit worried if it would make for a successful addition. However, we were very pleased to see all the positive feedback about it! We have been closely monitoring the data we've been collecting on monster book collection rates. We noticed that some cards were a bit too rare, while some were a bit too common. In order to help the situation, we decided to slightly tweak the drop rates for monster cards. Some monsters will drop cards more often, and others will drop them a bit less often.

Our intention with adding monster book was to provide stuff to do other than leveling. Today's update will continue that trend by adding both minigames and cash shop! These two features have both been a bit more work than we expected. We thought minigames would be something pretty minor, but it turns out there's all kinds of convoluted game logic we had to account for. Thankfully, that's all behind us now!

Cash shop has also been a bit of a pain, but in a different way. We have been struggling for weeks on trying to decide what the best ways to distribute cash currency would be. We realize that we won't be able to find the perfect solution in the first iteration, so instead we will be experimenting with different acquisition methods by adding them slowly instead of flooding everything with a ton of cash. We will be starting off small. For now, the primary method of obtaining cash currency will be by filling out your monster book. Every card you collect will reward you with some cash currency, while collecting all 5 cards for a monster will give you an even bigger bonus! The monster book cash will be applied retroactively if you had cards collected before v5 comes out, so don't worry about already having collected them. Cards collected after you already have 5 will not count towards cash. We will be experimenting with different methods of obtaining cash currency in the following updates, to see what works and what doesn't.

Now, a lot of you have been wondering what the prizes for the thanksgiving event would be. The prizes are cash currency! On patch day we will announce the winners.

We had a lot of fun with the thanksgiving event. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Speaking of events, we have decided to make an effort to put a bit more focus on GM events to bring the playerbase together. We think they're a lot of fun and hope to bring us all more together! These GM events will also be a way to acquire cash.

This patch we included some highly requested QoL features, NPC Chat hotkey and critical hit effects! NPC Chat is an integral quality of life feature from later versions, so we just had to include it in this patch. As for critical hit effects, we understand that not having them is an iconic part of this era of the game, but we've decided that this is more inconvenient than it is fun. Therefore, in v5, we will be implementing the purple crit numbers like they are in later versions!

That's all for today, we hope you have a good one! -GM Chika