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v12 - 1 channel - 1x all around.

Game Notice


v0.22 - 2nd Anniversary Update

Hey, Perrito here! I don't have much to talk about this time around. We were all busy this summer so we spent more time planning out future updates than we did actually working on them. Now that we're back in the swing of things, we have been working hard simplifying some internal stuff (to make my job easier) and improving the features in MG2 that aid in communication between players. Proper language support has been in the works for some time and paired with new keyboard shortcuts and Communicator options, this update will hopefully be a big step forward for language accessibility.

Anyway, I'm sure what you're really here to see is information regarding our upcoming events. Autumn is finally here, the leaves are turning red and there are lots of events in store! Our new timed event system will make event planning easier for us, event timing will be more consistent, and event NPCs won't stick around longer than they need to. We have prepared a ton of events for you all to enjoy during our anniversary and until the end of fall and you can read all about them in the Game Guide!

MG2 turned two years old on October 4th; it's amazing how positive and welcoming our community has been. Watching MG2 grow so much in the last year has been an incredible motivator for us; even when real life obligations have left us discouraged. It has personally been a great escape for me during hard moments in my life. As we approach 2023, we hope to begin reevaluating some of the core content in MG2. Until then I want to thank you all for playing and for sending in your feedback, it really means a lot!

As the days get cooler, cherish every day; spend time with the people you love, and remember to take care of yourself.

Happy Birthday MG2